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Balcony Safety nets

Balcony Pigeon  Safety Nets

to KABT Safety Nets

A duration of over 14  years, we have been one of the leading merchants and dealers in offering net services across numerous industries.

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The leading supplier of protection safety nets and bird netting products with its headquarters in Bangalore is KABT Safety Nets. Dedicated to providing quality assurance, Mr. Kalyan Ramudu Pikki founded this business.

To ensure high-quality output for both domestic and international clients, we have developed skilled manpower in the sector. With this help, we strive to give our clients the finest service possible and be accommodating to all of their safety needs.

We offer a variety of netting services, including balcony safety nets, pigeon bird nets, mosquito nets for windows, children safety nets, anti-bird nets for apartments, duct area nets, monkey safety nets, and many more, depending on the inspection's requirements.

Children are frequently protected by safety nets in a variety of places, including open balconies, passageways, windows, and duct spaces. In Bangalore, KABT Safety Nets has more than 15 years of experience in producing, distributing, and mending all types of safety nets.

A leader in the production, distribution, and trade of all kinds of safety nets is KABT Enterprises. KABT Enterprises provides netting solutions for various commercial, residential, and industrial settings. The several types of safety nets include bird spikes, sports nets, coconut nets, safety nets, and other nets.

Each and every one of our goods is designed with clarity in mind, and we strive for prompt delivery. Instead than focusing on short-term advantages, we value long-term partnerships with our clients. In addition to our wide selection of items, we can customise each of our manufactured goods thanks to our efficiently run infrastructure.

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KABT Safety Nets
What is the Rate per sq ft ?

Standard rates in the industry range from Rs. 16 to 35 per seat, although in reality, rates are inversely correlated with quantity. However, all prices vary from customer to client. If the square footage is more, rates will decrease by up to 50%. If the quantity is significantly smaller. Therefore, when choosing the best netting service, don't consider price. Join us for improved quality, measurement transparency, and service guarantees.

Pigeon Net

Do you have a problem with bird droppings? 

KABT Safety Nets Providing the solution for All pigeon Problems 
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